An unknown Sydney singer is climbing the UK charts on the way to an international smash hit.

Starley’s Call On Me is at No 7 in the British singles charts, No 14 in New Zealand and top 10 on iTunes in Sweden, Germany, the UK and at home.

The song has also been streamed 170 million times on Spotify and gone platinum in Australia and gold in New Zealand.

Not bad for a girl from Earlwood who, just a few months ago, was helping her dad make and install venetian blinds.

After five years trying to make it as a songwriter in London, Starley ran out of money, came home, moved in with her parents and started work with her father.

But she never gave up on her dream to be a musician.

“I worked in my bedroom writing music every day. I treated it like it was my job even though I wans’t getting paid for it. I believed in what I was doing,” Starley told AAP.